Wash Hounds Resumed Full-Service Washes Including Exterior / Interior Cleaning

Wash Hounds Resumed Full-Service Washes Including Exterior / Interior Cleaning

Sep 18, 2020

Wash Hounds Car Wash is pleased to announce we have resumed performing full-service car washes. If you are a full-service Unlimited Member your membership charge will revert to the Full-Service rate beginning on your next charge date. If you wish to stay in your car and only receive our exterior service, please inform our team member so they can accommodate you.

Additionally, our Disinfect and Detail Center is now open.  We are introducing a completely new, while you wait, express interior detail and disinfecting service starting at $25 (only $20 for our Unlimited Members). This detail service includes EVA Clean’s Infection Prevention PURTABS to fog and disinfect the interior of each vehicle as well as wiping down all the hard surfaces with cleaner and disinfectant. PURTABS are EPA certified and proven effective against Covid-19 and other germs. We will also thoroughly vacuum your vehicle, wipe down the door jambs, wash your rubber mats, and clean your windows. Armor All interior dressing can be applied to your doors, dash, and center console for an additional $10. Please note that large or heavily soiled vehicles may incur additional charges.

Thank you for choosing Wash Hounds Car Wash!



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