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Our Passion For Clean Cars Doesn’t Dampen Our Commitment To Clean Water.

Water is precious and at Wash Hounds we take conservation seriously. In New Jersey, polluted stormwater accounts for 60% of the pollution is our larger bodies of water, and our goal is to refrain from increasing this percentage!

All Wash Hounds locations are proud to participate in the WaterSavers water recycling process, which uses less water than the average car wash, as well as underground filtration and recycling techniques.

The Watersavers Car Wash Water Collection, Recycle, And Reuse Process

The WaterSavers process sets us apart from other washes as we use less than 30 gallons of fresh water per car (that’s less that a single large load of laundry in an older, standard washing machine).

Right below our wash station is a reclamation tank that collects the used water. That water then moves through a filtration system and back up into our machines to clean future cars! If you want to learn more about the WaterSavers water recycling process visit their website! https://www.carwash.org/watersavers