Washing your car at Wash Hounds is the best way to protect the environment. We use less water (about 25 gallons) than washing in the driveway (60-120 gallons) We recycle the majority of the water and the balance is discharged into the sanitary sewer system, and then to a waste water treatment plant. Washing your car in the driveway allows the water to go into the storm sewer system that is meant only for rain water. The soapy wash water ends up in our rivers and streams untreated, killing fish and polluting the environment. Wash Hounds is actually recognized by the NJ DEP (www.cleanwaternj.org) as a solution for saving water.

Experience, dedication and service. We have been washing cars for over 20 years and are recognized nationally as one of the top car washes. We have the most up-to-date modern equipment, have a well trained staff, and only use premium Simonize solutions for soaps, polishes, and protectants. We are a “Green” facility using biodegradable solutions, recycling our water, and are energy efficient

No. Wash Hounds only uses soft cloth and the same car wash equipment that the automobile manufacturers use at their factories. Our soft cloth is continually rinsed with fresh water, and our soaps and polishes are all premium Simoniz. Mercedes Benz and the University of Texas did two independent studies that demonstrated that a properly equipped professional car wash actually was superior and did less damage to the car’s finish than washing by hand. We wash vehicles for many local car dealers, and chances are we might have washed your car here already.

You can wash your car as often as you like. Washing your car 2-3 times a month will protect and prolong the beauty of the finish.

We only use Simoniz products. These premium polishes and waxes will protect your finish for up to 2 years with our Showroom Detail Package which includes an application of Diamond Plate Coating. Our detail department can do a hand express wax, while you wait, that can protect the finish for 90 days or more.

Yes. All newer cars use a clear coat finish which is actually just the last paint process (clear) the car manufacturer uses. It is still susceptible to the effects of acid rain, snow, salt, bird droppings, and other pollutants. It will stain, and to properly care for your car finish, you should wash regularly, and use the polishes and sealants to provide additional protection.

Washing the bottom of your car is as important as washing the body. Every time you drive through a puddle you are splashing up contaminants. Road film, mud, and salt, are covering your muffler, shocks, etc. The undercarriage treatment will rinse and flush the undercarriage and then apply a rust inhibitor which will prevent the harmful effects of rust. Frequent washing, especially during the winter months because of the salt used on the roads, keeps rust and corrosion from getting started.

Yes you can. But keep in mind that car washes are a weather dependent business. On days where there is inclement weather we sometimes shut down to take the opportunity to catch up on maintenance to keep our equipment running peak performance.

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