Big News! Wash Hounds Opens 2 More New Locations in Staten Island, NY

Big News! Wash Hounds Opens 2 More New Locations in Staten Island, NY

Apr 17, 2024

Staten Island, are you ready for a car wash revolution? Wash Hounds, your friendly neighborhood car cleaning aficionados, are bringing the suds and shines to not just one, but two spanking new locations in your borough! You heard it right; it’s not just a car wash; it’s an experience – and now, it’s twice the fun.

The sprawling green city island is no stranger to the hustle of day-to-day vehicle needs. Staten Island’s car owners know the value of a ride that’s not just road-ready but reflects the pride they have in their wheels. Wash Hounds stands at the ready, fueled by cutting-edge technology and a positively pampering approach to car care.

With the opening of its two new bustling hubs on Forest Avenue, Wash Hounds reiterates its commitment to you. This isn’t just about giving your vehicle a really good cleaning (though we promise to give it a really good cleaning).

It’s about being there, present in your lives, and active in the very streets we traverse. Come rain or shine, smog or snow, your trusty steed deserves a spotless sheen, and Wash Hounds is here to deliver.

New Additions

Picture this: you’re cruising down the expressway, the sun’s golden light flickering through the canopy of trees lining your way, when – a smudge of something sticky on the windscreen!

Fear not, because right at the juncture of convenience meets quality are our two new locations, ready to serve you with a smile.

  • 2321 Forest Ave: Is your one-stop haven for express car washes and a spot of oil change magic at Valvoline Express Care. Bustling but never too busy to service your automobile, this spot is perfect for the multi-tasker in all of us.
  • 1995 Forest Ave: Races you through a track of quick express car washes, where speed meets sparkles. For those times when you’re racing ahead with no time to spare, but zero intention of compromise.

These venues are designed not just to wash dirt but to wipe away the woes of car care with efficiency and excellence that’s signature to Wash Hounds.

The Glittering Hounds Trifecta

Drive up to the shiny new neon gateways of our two Staten Island outposts, and you’ll be greeted with service options that reflect your car’s distinct personality – because we know they’re not all created equal.

Traditional Washes

Our traditional car wash service is like a soothing spa session your vehicle never knew it needed. Treat your wheels to a thorough cleanse that doesn’t just make it look good, but feel good, too. From the roof to the rims, every inch will shine like it just rolled off the lot.

Express Detailing

A scuff here, a bit of grime there – express detailing at Wash Hounds is your on-the-go solution to those little troubles that add up. When time is of the essence but you still demand nothing less than perfection, our express detailing is the answer.

Premium Eco-Friendly Options

The pride of Wash Hounds is our premium eco-friendly option, where sophisticated technology meets a softer touch on the environment. Ensuring a comprehensive clean without contributing to the carbon footprint? That’s a win-win situation for you and the world.

Unmistakably Hounds

The foundation of Wash Hounds service is built on the bedrock of our values, and it shows in every rinse, spray, and polish we perform.

Clean and Green

We’re not just about washing cars; we’re committed to a deep cleansing of our environment as well. Our methods are designed to minimize water wastage, we use biodegradable products, and our facilities are eco-certified – playing our part in keeping Staten Island as pristine as your freshly washed car.

Advanced Technology

The sheen we deliver owes dues to the state-of-the-art equipment we employ. Our automated systems are precise, cutting-edge, and guarantee a gleam that’s second to none.

The Crew That Serves

Behind the hum of machinery are the hands of our skilled crew. Trained, empathetic, and ready to serve, they ensure your car is treated not just as a vehicle, but as a valued member of your family.

Beyond the Shine

A car wash is not just about cosmetic appeal. It’s an integral part of vehicle maintenance that affects longevity, performance, and – dare we say – curb appeal.

The Regular Rinse-Down Regimen

Regular washes aren’t just for show; they’re for substance. Scheduling frequent cleanings keeps grime from overtaking your car’s surface, protecting it from scratches and rust.

Environmental Etiquette

The pavement is our playground when it comes to car cleanliness, but that doesn’t mean pollution has to play a part. By choosing professional wash services, you contribute to responsible water use and chemical disposal, ensuring the Island stays as vibrant as your ride stays vivid.

The Value Proposition

Caring for your car calls for every bit as much dedication as you put into earning it. A Wash Hounds visit is an investment in both – maintaining value, and the vehicle, asset to luxury charm, to trusted mobility. After all, an esteemed member of your life’s cast deserves an ensemble that’s up to snuff.

Final Hound Say

With all that’s said and lathered, the bottom line is this – Wash Hounds is elated to be opening the doors of our new enterprises on Staten Island. We’re not new to the game; we’re now just playing on a larger field, with a pepped-up mission of car care and community involvement.

Drive by our new homes on Forest Avenue or, better yet, right in through the entrances, and be part of this new chapter of Staten Island car care. Your vehicles will thank you, and so will we.

Our promise is, quite simply, this – you’re not just visiting a car wash; you’re becoming a part of a car care movement. And in this movement, the hounds have the wheels – freshly washed, of course.

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In addition to express exterior washes, we offer full-service interior and exterior washes, as well as oil change services for a complete car maintenance solution. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to delivering a satisfying experience and helping your car maintain its value and appearance.

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