October Updates – Breast Cancer Research Promo

October Updates – Breast Cancer Research Promo

Oct 5, 2022

October is a big month for us. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also Car Care Month. Make sure both your body and your vehicle are running smoothly by getting checked regularly.

We always look forward to October and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year. Come visit any of our locations, donate at least $5 to our fund for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and receive free hot wax to make your vehicle sparkle.

Let’s shine for the cure together.

Donate $5 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation and receive free hot wax service for your vehicle

We are excited to see how much we can raise together across our Wash Hounds Union, Kinnelon, Bayonne, and Boonton locations for this amazing fund.
Certificate of Appreciation for breast cancer awareness support
Learn more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s amazing work at: https://nbcf.org


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