Summer Promos

Summer Promos

Jul 19, 2021


Prepare your car for any adventure this summer. Mention any of these promos at the given Wash Hounds location for a  quality car service. No coupon required.


Graphic of a car and a clip board with check marks


Light blue and navy graphic of person overheating in car.

Car auto ac machine being recharged and updated for the summer

Car radiator being cleaned and flushed

a car with soap and water over its exterior and wheels getting cleaned. free car wash with purchase of an oil change.


Thank you for choosing Wash Hounds Car Wash. See you soon.


How Regular Car Washes Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Regular car maintenance goes beyond oil changes and tire rotations; the cleanliness of your vehicle plays a crucial role in its longevity. Frequent car washes are not just about keeping your vehicle looking its best—they're a fundamental part of preserving your...


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