Welcome to 2022 from Wash Hounds

Welcome to 2022 from Wash Hounds

Jan 1, 2022

As another year comes to a close and another one begins, it is a great time to think back at all that has happened this past year.

We are so thankful for our hardworking employees. The Wash Hounds team was put to the test with a shortage of staff due to covid and they went above and beyond to do their best.

We are especially appreciative of Emmanuel. He is our dedicated Wash Hounds’ training manager who trains and develops new and existing staff. His passion for customer service is truly amazing. Not only do our cars shine, but our people too!

Wash Hounds New Jersey car wash employee

In 2021 we also opened another Wash Hounds location in Bayonne, New Jersey (next door to Cube Smart). It was so exciting to see our new innovative car wash technology and machines be setup. The grand opening with Mayor Jimmy Davis, Council Member Juan Perez, Council member Sal Gullace, and other friends was such a great celebration in June.

Overall, we focused on resiliency, growth, and community this past year. We look forward to being more involved in our New Jersey communities again! While the world seemed like it was put on pause for a bit, car maintenance never ends. Come on by for a car wash, detailing, or oil change service soon. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!


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