Preparing For Winter: Waxing

Preparing For Winter: Waxing

Nov 5, 2021

There’s always a reason to bring your car by Wash Hounds for a car wash or service, but especially as the temperatures dip.

Car waxes aren’t just for the glossy exterior finish, they are actually very necessary in maintaining a vehicle year round. We recommend getting a wax every 3-4 months to all our New Jersey vehicle owners because of our drastic seasons. A good rule of thumb is to wax your vehicle every season, so set up a reminder in your calendar or phone to come on by!

When the temperature drops during the fall and winter, the grime becomes harder to simply wash off cars with only the rain. Now, your car is fighting against decomposing leaves, tree sap, harder dirt, snow, ice, road salt, and general grime to remain glossy and clean. The exposure to all these tough elements can put a strain on your vehicle. Even ultraviolet rays and vehicular and industrial pollution that you have no control over can really damage vehicles exteriors.

Car waxes help to protect your vehicle from build up, scratches, rust, and signs of wear. Getting a car wax is the best preventative plan for creating a buffer layer and protecting the important clear coat finish on a car that seals in the paint.

Now thinking about getting a waxing service?

Lucky for you we have multiple options to please your car needs.

Interested in the basics?

We offer an Express Wax starting at $49.95 that comes with a cleaner and polish with 1-step exterior wax application. Our Express Wax + Clay starting at $99.95 includes a cleaner and polish with 1-step exterior wax application plus clay treatment.

Really LOVE your car?

This is always the right answer. We offer an Exterior Detail package starting at $139.95, a Complete Detail package starting at $224.95, and a Showroom Detail package starting at $449.95. Learn more about the packages here.

Visit Wash Hounds Rt 22 Union or Rt 23 Kinnelon for a detailing service today!




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