Car Washes + Environmentally Friendly = A Surprising Pairing

Car Washes + Environmentally Friendly = A Surprising Pairing

Sep 22, 2022

People don’t often think of car washes and then of being environmentally friendly, but that should be the case with Wash Hounds.

Since it’s Earth Day, it’s the perfect excuse to bring up the amazing ways Wash Hounds works to be the most environmentally friendly car wash option for vehicles. All Wash Hounds locations are proud to participate in the WaterSavers water recycling process with their underground filtration and recycling techniques.

Wash Hounds Water Savers Environment Certificate Award


The WaterSavers process sets Wash Hounds apart from other washes for using less than 30 gallons of fresh water per car (that’s less that a single large load of laundry in an older, standard washing machine).

Did you know washing your vehicle at home is a lot more wasteful and harmful to the environment?

It costs both people and the environment more to wash vehicles at home by using many gallons more of water and having the soaps runoff. New Jersey has enough challenges with polluted stormwater accounting for 60% of the pollution is the larger bodies of water already. We want this number to decrease!

All Wash Hound locations were carefully constructed to follow best practices with water collection, recycling, and reusing processes.

WaterSavers Car Wash Criteria

Learn more at: https://washhounds.com/environment/


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